The Travel Industry and the Government

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As the government spends about 2.5 billion annually on business employee travel expenses, the travel industry and the government have created a well- rounded partnership.

This partnership explains in depth the understanding of the contracting requirements, acquisition rules and travel regulations. Communication on this information is essential between the two partners.

The travel industry initiated different methods in order for government employees to have a thorough understanding of the travel industry and its regulations, etc.

These methods were presented to the employees by means of conferences and educational sessions. These educational events are very informative for people to learn and expand their knowledge inn this industry.

Educational conferences are main components for improvement, hands-on learning, and current information. Conferences offer an overall view of the information one seeks; providing information on many different areas along with specific workshops, and many materials with valuable information.

These educational sessions should be mandatory to all government travelers.  All travelers should have knowledge of the travel industry and take advantage of the valuable information being offered.  Unfortunately, in many organizations this type of information is only available on paper and it’s unused. Even though, the government spends astronomical money on travel – compared to other organizations, it’s crucial for its employee learn through these educational sessions.

It appears  the government and the travel industry have built an effective communication and understanding foundation ,as well as meeting each other’s needs through its partnership.  They have a high interest to educate the government’s employees.

by Ana Ferrara

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