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A TMC must understand the entire process of being eligible for the RFP process to obtain a contract and or task order for travel services from any state or federal government institution.  This process starts with being accredited by the Airline Reporting Corporation, ARC, to sell airline tickets and other travel services.  IATA, the International Air Transportation Association also endorses travel agencies and provides an IATA ID card which identifies travel agents as aUSbased travel sales professional.  In addition a TMC must also incorporate standards set by local and state licensing boards in established travel agency principles in order to be competitive and qualify for government contracts.

There are two contracting methods used for contracting travel services by US government entities:

  1. GSA TSS, Travel Services Solutions, Multiple Award Schedule 599-2.  TMC RFP and contracts are awarded to travel agencies with experience, professional accreditation, and specific functional capabilities.  These accredited agencies are listed on the GSA website under schedule 599-2.
  2. Contracting through full and open competition conducted by a government entity for TMC services.

The TMC with best value service and price offering is usually awarded a contract or task order, through submission of an RFP to a particular government agency.  A TMC must consider and be able to perform all the factors required in the RFP and have exceptional references from past performance contracts to be a viable TMC in consideration.  Once again the TMC must be “imbedded” or “accommodated” by an ETS vendor so government travelers of that particular entity have the option of using self service ETS on line booking solution at the TMC’s determined self service fee, or using the full service call center paying the fee mentioned in the RFP.   TSS Contracts and Task Orders are mostly a three year base period with two, one year option periods for a 5 year total award.

By:  Scott Carver

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