Transaction Fees

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There various fees which can be added to the trip total of a traveler when using an eGov Travel system.  Some of the fees include the TMC, IFF and eGov Travel contractor transaction fee.

The TMC (Travel Management Center) fee is paid to the travel agency under contract with the Federal Government to provide reservation services for airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals.  The fee is determined by using comprehensive economic models and approved by GSA.  Travelers are always encouraged to select air tickets through the eGov Travel application as this is the most cost effective method for the government.  Due to the complexities of the some foreign travel, it is appropriate at times to contact the travel management center directly to obtain assistance with the selection and booking of air tickets.       The cost of this service is significantly higher than that of the on-line booking.

The IFF (Industrial Funding Fee) is $1.50 per transaction fee that is payable to GSA.  It is the GSA service fee for using Schedule contractors.

The TAV fee, is a transaction fee payable to the eGov Travel contractor for each voucher which is paid for an agency.  The agency is responsible for getting the payment to the contractor.  This fee varies among the three contractors that provide eGov Travel systems.  The IFF is typical a portion of the TAV fee and it is the responsibility of the contractor to provide the fee to GSA.

By: Debbie Sams

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