Travel Management Center History

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Travel Management has grown with leaps and bounds.  It has grown from a struggling infant to a fully automated system capable of providing all your travel and travel payment needs.

  • 1989 a survey conducted by American Express shows that corporate travel management is a career opportunity.
  • 1993 the Clinton administration thought it could eliminate the entire White House travel office staff and replace it with a cousin of the president and the help of a midsized travel agency in Little Rock.
  • Hal Rosenbluth of Rosenbluth International proclaims time is right for the automation of travel management.
  • 2001, Sato began specializing in providing travel management services to government agencies.
  • 2002 “The ETravel initiative was one of President Bush’s 24 EGovernment initiatives, which aim to make the federal government ‘more efficient by using technology and putting more agency information and services online.”  A milestone was reached with selection of an on-line booking system.
  • 2007, the focus for the past ten years has been ‘How do we focus on the customer as suppliers worry about things like eliminating commissions?’   The industry is looking to partner with suppliers.

General Services Administration’s (GSA) travel management policies strive to continually improve the systems used by federal agencies to ensure efficient travel for federal government employees.

Constant changes in the travel industry and customer needs have shown the “one size fits all” approach no longer applies to travel management.  With the ever-growing technological services and the complexity of choosing the right one, travel knowledge and expertise have become invaluable.

Our office offers complete travel management.  We provide planning to reservations, to arrival and accommodations and return.  Our experienced travel professionals work closely with travel agents to get the best prices, bookings and accommodations for our travelers.

By Diane Huffman

The contents of this message are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the Government or my agency.


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