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The Travel Management Center (TMC) is an accredited travel agency that is under contract with the Government to provide travel services for official TDY travel.  These travel agencies are professional organizations that sell airline tickets and other travel services.  They are responsible for issuing tickets requested and approved through the Electronic Travel System, (ETS).  The TMC also must provide full travel services along with 24/7 emergency services.

The TMC provides help desk support to assist federal travelers with travel arrangements that require manual handling, such as changes in reservations, emergency travel, and combining business and personal travel.

Travel agents working on government travel accounts receive customized training on policies and procedures for official travel.  They also have experience with the Global Distribution System, (GDS), and have access to the Federal Travel Regulations.

The on-line booking feature of ETS initiates automated contact with the TMC’s reservation, booking, and ticket systems.  To book ticketed transportation the document preparer creates a travel authorization in the ETS and selects the air carrier.  At this time a Passenger Name Record (PNR) is created.  This PNR identifies the trip for interface with the GDS.  When the ETS authorization document is signed the reservation is saved.  The PNR is submitted to a ticketing queue, retrieved by the TMC’s automated processes, and inspected for quality control.  If no errors are identified, the airfare reservation is booked and confirmation is returned to the ticketing queue.  The PNR continues routing through the agency’s ETS for required approvals. The ticket is issued 2-3 days prior to the scheduled departure date.  If the PNR fails to pass the automation audits, the TMC agent intervenes and attempts to resolve the issue.  When possible the agent corrects the PNR and continues the automated processes.  If the agent cannot resolve the issue in house, the traveler is contacted by email and provided options for making the reservation.

By:  Crystal Horner

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