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Communication is essential to the success of the Government Travel Professional and its agencies.

The Government Travel Professional’s responsibility is to clearly communicate with the agency and its peers of any new updates, transitions, policies, and procedures.  Special attention is placed when a new system is implemented.  In addition, the Government Travel Professional keeps daily communication through phone or e-mail with TMC/CTO.  Communication is transferred in various means in which keeps the government organized while keeping their employees informed.

The government ensures all stakeholders are informed of a new system/s. They cover all aspects when a new system will be taking place this is accomplished through the successful communication factors they’ve instituted.  In addition, all stake holders are informed in different communication methods.  E-mails, meetings, and newsletters, are some of the few communication factors composing the communication plan.

Traditional communication throughout the travel authorization to payment process is a standard in the government agency.   Communication occurs through phone or e-mail, this is also a standard communication of the set up payment communication progress.

Many challenges are faced with ETS, the traveler undergoes the process of authorization payment and it can at times be inconvenient as in the middle of the progress things can run less smoothly from all ends.

The government has established a concrete communications program. In which the agencies, organizations, and those under the umbrella of the Government Travel Professional receive.   The communication methods the government uses to annunciate its latest news, programs, systems, etc;  demonstrates its concern for the employees to obtain the most effective communication.

by Ana Ferrara

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