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In section 5a, it was interesting to read about all resources available should questions arise. In my case, a help desk is just a call away and questions, concerns, and problems, are efficiently and expeditiously handed. I did find this section helpful as it listed all the available sources and their email addresses. I also found it informative to learn that each federal agency might have a travel policy that incorporates relevant regulations and procedures to that agency. That certainly is the case with the Postal Service.

In reading section 5b, I also thought of the term “Best Practices” to describe most of the material. As the section initially stated, travel is a small part of most employee’s jobs. The less time it takes to make official travel arrangements, the more time there is to devote to other aspects of their position. Within the Postal Service, I am truly amazed and satisfied with the ease of our electronic travel system. The initial step we do in making our airline (hotel and/or car if needed) reservations through Omega is so quick and easy. Our profile is already in the system so it seems like in a matter of minutes, the reservation is made. Then, upon completion of travel, when we make our electronic travel voucher, the system makes it easy to enter all of our expenses. It even makes the per diem and mileage calculations! I still remember preparing hard copy travel vouchers and calculating all those numbers. Once the voucher is completed, it also prompts the travelers with the required receipts for processing. Then, in a matter of days, the voucher is processed and payment is made.

Joyce Wahoski, USPS Stamp Development

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