Working within the Government Sector

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Learning the basics to enable one to function within the government sector is only the tip of the iceberg. Keeping current on regulations and changes is an entirely different matter. To be recognized as a true professional one needs to plot a systematic approach to achieving that end, it doesn’t just happen!

Establishing an information pipeline, continuing education, networking, and credibility is what will cause you to grow and become a resource whom others use and on whom others shall depend, as well as, advancing your career within your own organization.

Information Pipeline: Certain ‘feeds’ need to be established. Tap into FedBizOpps, register for federal government updates, such as from the GSA Per Diem Committee; subscribe to publications such as the Federal Times, Government Executive, and Business Travel News.

Continuing Education: Belong to and attend conferences and meetings for organizations such as SGTP (Society of Government Travel Professionals), SGMP (Society of Government Meeting Professionals), NDTA (National Defense Transportation Association), NBTA (National Business Transportation Association), and HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International). These government groups continually provide members with updates and training in specialized arenas via e-mails, classes, and keynote speakers. You can seek government certifications thru them. Most importantly, they too will help to solve industry issues and lobby Congress when necessary.

Networking: The aforementioned organizations provide ample opportunity to socialize and meet individuals, who not only share your day-to-day challenges, but also who can and do increase customers for your corporation.

Credibility: It is not only necessary to be an observer, but if you truly seek this challenging venue as your regular source of income, it is imperative that you become an active participant. Whether serving on boards or committees, or sponsoring various activities in the market, you need to make yourself a visible working presence!

Remember your ‘return on investment’ shall only be as great as what you are willing to contribute!

By Linda Colvos

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